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- Coffee –

We love giving as thorough and transparent details about our coffees as possible. Coffee is a vast landscape of extraordinary flavours and characteristics. So many factors influence the taste of coffee, and Cannon gives extra care at every step of the supply chain so that you can experience the best possible version of a particular coffee. We put emphasis on quality benchmarks like altitude, SCA score, and unique processing methods. SCA scores for example are a 3rd party scoring system from the speciality coffee association; an organisation consisting of thousands of coffee experts who grade coffee quality on a very strict tasting criteria. We don’t expect you take our word for how great a coffee is, so Cannon and many roasters in specialty coffee give SCA scores to verify coffee quality.


There’s a strong correlation between the higher the altitude coffee is grown, the more nuanced and interesting flavours develop which tends to receive higher SCA scores. For example our Colombia Las Pulgas is grown at exceptionally high altitudes of 2070-2175 MASL, nurturing ideal growing conditions for complex flavours. At this point, once coffee is picked it’s as much about preserving this level of quality to the point we begin roasting. Coffee travels thousands of miles before it reaches the United Kingdom, and Cannon makes sure coffee is properly processed, graded, packed and transported so that little to none of the quality is lost.  


Once received, we stick to a series of roasting rules dedicated to preserving this quality all the way to your doorstep. Our coffee is order to roast, because having roasted coffee sitting in a container is only staling and losing quality over time. It’s wasteful, and doesn’t do justice to all the hard work every party in the supply chain has put into up until this point. Testing and consistency is crucial in our roasting, that’s we use the state of the art coffee roasting software Artisan to give us full control over our roasts. These details allow us to ascertain the best flavours and characteristics from following a particular roast profile. As a result we guarantee coffee that’s the same quality as when you ordered it before, taking chaos and guesswork out of your coffee brewing.

- Farmers –


Whilst the coffee industry has made remarkable progress on grading exceptional quality coffees, there’s still so much potential for giving a greater ratio of profits back to farmers. We believe in giving what’s well earned to those in the supply chain who work the hardest and take the greatest risks, and improving farming and processing methods to produce excellent green coffee for us to roast. A win-win at every step of the supply chain. Where possible we do direct trade; buying directly from producer. This gives both roasters and farmers a mutual win-win relationship.


Our partners at Mio coffee farm in Brazil are a stellar example of direct trade. Mio employs around 107 people on the farm during harvest, making sure everyone is paid above the average wage for farm work in the region. Mio has full control over workers hours, and compensating accordingly for any overtime. Additionally, all workers receive weekly milk and vegetable allowances, constant healthcare access and free daily commute from the city, alongside a host of other benefits. As Mio grows, so will the pay, benefits and wellbeing of workers. The employees prefer not to be photographed, so out of respect for anonymity, no photos of them are shown here.

Whilst we emphasize the importance paying the farmer a greater ratio of profits, we don’t want to undermine or give the impression the rest of the supply chain is being greedy or unethical. Exporters and importers play a crucial role in the processing, transport, and preserving the quality of coffee. Additionally they take on heavy risk in transporting thousands of coffee sacks shipping containers which have to meet strict international shipping criteria. It’s a complex chain of logistics that requires extra care and planning, so exporters and importers do deserve due credit.

- Environment -


At Cannon we work towards better environmental practices at every step in the supply chain. All of our packaging is fully compostable or recyclable, and with our carbon offset shipping, our customers contribution through the option of tree planting at checkout, alongside our own contribution to ensure that we offset our Carbon created through our packaging use and coffee roasting allows for hundreds of trees to be planted around the world through Ecologi.


At the farmers end, our partners at Mio farm preserve native forest which is home to a variety of wildlife species, help prevent soil erosion, and captures CO2. Mio currently has 28% of its farmland dedicated to preserved native forest, above the 20% Monte Santo de Minas region law requirement. Additionally, whenever new coffee areas are planted, the same amount of land is transformed as a forest reserve.

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