Updated: Nov 18, 2021

During the past year of staying safe at home without the daily treat of a visit to your local coffee shop, we have all had to get creative with our morning brew. However, being trapped without the opportunity to have an exceptional coffee made by Barista has not left people caffeine deprived, but rather more knowledgeable about the brewing methods available and how to master them at home.

The first step to learning how to make your coffee at home is selecting a brew type and finding your perfect freshly roasted coffee.

The main question when making the switch from everyday supermarket coffee to freshly roasted speciality coffee is ‘how do I make it without an expensive home coffee setup?’

This is now very simple since there is such a broad range of affordable brewing methods to make truly great coffee with ease.


Brewing methods:


Stovetop pots produce a very heavy brew, similar to that of an espresso with a rich syrupy body. These brew at a very high temperature using pressure, similar to the way you get an espresso however the pressure is less controlled and brews upwards through a less fine shower screen. The higher temperature tends to burn the acids and sweetness and results in a bolder, bitter more intense cup of coffee.

Recommended coffee:

Roast: Dark Grind: Fine Origin: Asian, Latin/Central American Cannon’s Favourite: Papua New Guinea Kunjin


Cafetiere is the most simple form of coffee brewing. Due to the nature of the brew, a coarse grind infusing with hot water, this method works well with all origin and roast profiles which means it is totally down to personal preference on which coffee is best suited to you.

Recommended coffee type:

Roast: Any Grind: Cafetiere (very coarse) Origin: Any

Dripper (Our top favourite affordable brew method):

Drippers are a great brew tool for all environments. You can produce an excellent brew with absolute ease! And they will transform and benefit most coffees that are used with them. The filter catches many of the oil and leaves an exceptionally clean cup. You can have a heavier coffee will still have an intense flavour yet lose some of the less desirable bitterness. Overly acidic coffees will often be transformed to extremely sweet, easy drinking and even tea-like drinks.

Recommended coffee type:

Roast: Medium- Medium Dark Grind: Filter (medium-coarse) Origin: African, Central American Cannon’s Favourite: Costa Rica Finca Lote las Lajas

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