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How To Use Flair Espresso Maker

Updated: Jul 5

The Flair Espresso is unquestionably one of the most exciting innovations in recent years to arrive in the coffee industry. We typically associate espresso with the espresso machine, with a complex set of machinery to achieve a desired and fine quality espresso brew. Whilst espresso machines are fun pieces of machinery, they are expensive, require semi-regular cleaning cycles, and if they break, can be quite the task to repair. What if your sole objective is high quality espresso, minus the potential baggage that comes with an espresso machine? Low and behold, the Flair Espresso maker meets this task, and much more.



The Flair Espresso Maker was invented by Sergio Landau, an espresso lover and inventor who desired great quality espresso, in an efficient, easy to use format. The leading question was “What is the minimum needed to make a great espresso?”. Sergio's background as an engineer in the biomedical industry transferred across to developing the Flair. Through dozens of iterations, the first major debut of the Flair Espresso machine was released in 2016. Ease of use, great quality espresso, and affordability was achieved.



This guide applies to the Flair Classic, which is the original Flair Espresso Maker.

1) Prepare at least 17g of freshly ground coffee.

2) Take apart the brew head.

3) Position funnel on top of portafilter, and fill with ground coffee.

4) Tamp lightly.

5) Remove the funnel, place the portafilter on the bracket and add the screen.

6) Fill cylinder with boiling water and leave for 30 seconds.

7) Empty the preheat water, then add cylinder to porta filter on the base.

8) Add near-boiling brew water 92-96˚C to coffee in cylinder, filling to the line.

9) Add piston to the top of the cylinder.

10) Lower the lever to begin brewing. Brewing should take between 30-45 seconds.

Bonus tips: If you do not have the pressure gauge kit, you can use a bathroom scale to estimate how much pressure to apply. Position a bathroom scale on the table, press down with your hand, and when meter reaches 30lb, that's how much force you should be applying. Additionally, You can place the Flair on the scale and do the above.

The key is to achieve the right grind, pressure and brewing time. Treat the above as a general guideline, and slightly alter these variable towards better espresso you prefer.



Cannon's favourite: Gunpowder Blend

Roast: Dark

Grind: Slightly coarser than espresso grind

Origin: South America, Africa

Tasting notes: Intense, smooth and well balanced blend. Flavours of Caramel, coconut and berry afternotes. Low acidity.

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