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One of the simplest and most effective methods of brewing a great strong cup of coffee. The Aeropress is great for any coffee, given it's flexibility where you can adjust many variables like brew ratio, grind size, level of pressure, stiring and swirling. This is the only brewing method that brews by percolation, immersion and to a small extent, some principles of espresso brewing. A brief explanation below:

Percolation - Water is poured from the top, and passed through ground coffee, with gravity pulling the water through. Drip or pour over coffee makers like the Hario V60 work this way.

Immersion - Water is mixed and infused with ground coffee. A cafetiere is the most common example.

Espresso - High pressure pushing hot water through a puck of ground coffee. The espresso machine.



Aran Adler invented the Aeropress in 2005, the same inventor as the Aerobie throwing ring! Aran's aim was to reduce bitterness in his coffee. To achieve this, Alan conceptualised the design of a closed cylinder and press to create enough pressure, and reduced brewing time, resulting in strong and less bitter cup of coffee. After a series of prototypes, the Aeropress was launched in 2005, but initially was dismissed by the coffee industry as a novel toy.

It took some years before the Aeropress was embraced as a fantastic brewing method, the results spoke for themselves! In Norway the World Aeropress Championship started with a small group of people as a hobby, then over the years, grew exponentially to the international and professionally recognised standards it holds today.



Getting started, lay out all of the Aeropress brewing equipment:

1. Place one of the Aeropress filters inside the Aeropress cap, screw the cap onto the tube which has measurements on the side, then position the aeropress with the cap facing down, on top of a cup.

2. Boil 200g of water, and let it rest for 5-10 minutes (If you have a temperature controlled kettle. Bring it to anywhere between 80-85°C).

3. Put between 16-19g of coffee inside the Aeropress tube.

4. Pour hot water into the Aeropress, and put the plunger in towards the top to create a gentle seal which holds the brew.

5. Let it sit for 2 minutes.

6. Pick up the cup with the Aeropress, and gently swirl for better extraction and flavour.

7. Leave for 30 seconds.

8. Apply a gentle level of force on the top of the plunger, pushing down until the plunger reaches the bottom. Stop pressing when you hear a hissing sound.

9. Enjoy a delicious strong cup of coffee!

At Cannon we love using the Gunpowder Blend in the Aeropress. The Aeropress' unique combination of brewing methods work very well to get the most out of Gunpowder Blend, really bringing out that classic well balanced strong bold coffee taste, with subtle notes caramel and berry.


Recommended coffee type:

Roast: Medium - Dark

Grind: Fine

Origin: African, Central American, Asia, India

Cannon’s Favourite: Gunpowder Blend

Cafetiere notes: Full bodied, smooth and well balanced. Flavours of Caramel, COcunut and berry afternotes.

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