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The French press is the simplest and one of the oldest methods for making coffee.

Due to the simple nature of the brewing process, this method doesn’t favour any coffee in particular, instead it is completely down to the user and their preference. Therefore, it is the perfect tool for the coffee novice and connoisseur alike.

Cafetiere, also known as a French Press, consists of a fireproof glass jug/mug and a metal stainless steel mesh attached to a metal rod (plunger) and lid, tightly fitted to the cylinder beaker which is pressed into and separates the coffee grinds from the brewed coffee. It works by fully immersing the coffee in water; this brew method is known as infusion.



Although the origin is not exactly known, the cafetiere (or rather this method of brewing coffee) is thought to have been first patented by two French inventors, Mayer and Delforge in 1852, though it did not create a seal inside of the carafe. The cafetiere which more so resembles the one we use today was created by an Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929. Since then it has been through many design changes/modifications. The most common one/well known was created by a swiss man Faliero Bondanini in 1958, and this design was then manufactured and sold in France as the Chambord.



It is important that you use a medium coarse coffee grind - if the grind is too fine the coffee will brew too quickly as they have a low permeability and may over extract and cause the coffee to become bitter, additionally the grinds can flow through the mesh and go into your drink when the plunger is lowered.

Your coffee to water ratio should be about 1:15.


8 cup/1 litre cafetière= 50-60g/8 tbsp

4 cup/500ml cafetière = 25-30g/4 tbsp

3 cup/350ml cafetière = 20-23g/3 tbsp

For the perfect brew the water temperature should be about 92°C (if boiling the water in a kettle make sure to leave it out for about a minute so it can cool down, preferably don’t use a hot water reservoir as it is often not hot enough (approximately 85°C)).



  1. Make sure your cafetiere is clean (as you use the press old coffee grounds may get stuck in the filter. For deep cleaning you can often separate the pieces of the mesh)

  2. Put coffee into the jug (about 1 tbsp per cup) and fill it with water (about 125ml) and stir together, making sure all the coffee is submerged.

  3. Place the lid on but down push down on the plunge yet

  4. Wait 4 minutes - this is the recommended standard time

  5. After 4 minutes slowly start to push down on the plunger to lower the mesh filter, allowing it to slowly separate the grinds from the coffee. It is important that you don’t push it too fast or some grounds can go out of your drink and so that the coffee does not spurt out the top.

  6. Simply pour the coffee into a mug and enjoy

  • You can experiment with variables: water temperature, brewing time etc.: to achieve your desired taste.



Recommended coffee type:

Roast: Medium- Medium Dark

Grind: Filter (medium-coarse)

Origin: African, Central American

Cannon’s Favourite: Costa Rica Finca Lote las Lajas

Cafetiere notes: Sweet woody fruity flavours with a muted acidity

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