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We are delighted to have Brazil Mio Peaberry (Red Honey) as coffee of the month! Certainly one of the most easy going coffees that boasts wonderful flavours of milk chocolate praline, smooth caramel and sweet tangerine. This is a great coffee to start with for newcomers of coffee, given its smooth body, well balanced with a pleasant acidity leaving a pleasant mouthfeel. Roasting this coffee is a delight, given the peaberry of the seed allows for the most uniform roast, and therefore the highly consistent flavour.



The Brazil Mio Peaberry comes from Mio coffee farms, who go above and beyond as an example of sustainable practices, and improving the wellbeing and livelihoods of employees. Sharing with the farm, and local communities is one of the core pillars of Mio's philosophy. Approximately 2,100 square meters is dedicated to a community garden, which grows onions, cabbage, okra, manioc, papaya, passion fruit, cucumber, kale, eggplant, peppers, chayote and other organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. This is shared with all Mió workers, their families, and also delivered to the city's nursing home, ensuring that the local elderly population has a weekly supplement to their diets without any costs.

Mio is dedicated to a variety of environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices. For example, New coffee areas are only planted or acquired when the same amount of land is transformed into a forest reserve. This ensure some degree of equilibrium to support the native ecosystem and wildlife.



We recommend any brewing method for the Brazil Mio Peaberry. This really is the one size fits all coffee, and a great place to begin experimenting with different brewing methods your enjoy the most. We hope you enjoy this as much as Gunpowder Gary!

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