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How Do You Store Coffee?

Updated: Jan 19

You've just received some top quality fresh beans ready for brewing, but as a fresh food product, the question still stands; How do you store coffee? We're aiming to retain as much freshness and stall the staling process. The following list will run through a series of myths and practical solutions to keep coffee as fresh and delicious as possible.

Before we begin, we recommend purchasing beans, given they keep fresh for the longest amount of time. For ground coffee the same rules still apply, however you can expect faster staling and loss of flavour and aroma compounds.



1) Store the coffee in a dark place - It can't be understated how much light speeds up the staling process, so we highly recommend placing the coffee in a container that allows no light in, or if in a transparent case, keep in the cupboard or box.

2) Keep the coffee airtight - Be sure to store the coffee in an airtight container, or seal up the bag so the coffee is tightly sealed.

3) Store it dry - Keep the coffee in a dry environment, humid and moist conditions can accelerate the staling process.

4) Keep away from storing in the fridge - This is a myth which does not extend the life of your coffee, additionally you may get contamination from other aromas in the fridge.


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