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How to Use Wacaco Picopresso

Updated: Jan 19

You may have a delectable cup of espresso whenever you want with the Wacaco Picopresso, a portable, manual espresso maker. It's portable, simple to use, and ideal for coffee drinkers who are constantly on the move. We'll go through the fundamentals of using the Wacaco Picopresso and brewing the ideal espresso in this guide.


Wacaco Picopress Guide

Step 1: Weigh your beans

Ideally using scales that weigh to 0.1 grams, weigh 16-18g of coffee beans.

Step 2: Grind coffee

Make sure to grind your coffee beans to a espresso level grind, resulting in an ultra fine powder which is ideal for espresso level extraction.

Step 3: Dismantle

Remove the portafilter cover, unscrew the portafilter and remove the shower head. Also, remove scoop from inside the basket.

Unscrew the top water tank lid above the pump handle. Then remove the tamper, funnel and distribution tool.

Step 4: Coffee filling

Put the funnel on top of the basket, and fill the basket with ground coffee. Then use the distribution tool to even out grind and negate channelling. Use the tamper and press down until the top of the tamper touches the top of the funnel. Then remove funnel.

Step 5: Apply Water

Unlock the piston so its all the way out, and add boiling water to the water tank. Pump all the water out for a pre-heat cycle.

Step 6: Further assembly

Place basket inside portafilter, then put shower head on top. Screw the portafilter onto the rest of the unit tightly. Then add boiling water to the water tank. Screw water tank lid back on top.

Step 7: Brewing

With the Picopresso above your cup, start pumping the piston with one hand on the vessel and one hand on the pump. Pump 8 times and wait around 10 seconds for a little pre infusion; a very small amount of coffee drip appearing in the mesh. Resume pumping until you have reached around 36g of espresso in the cup below.

Step 8: Enjoy!

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