Updated: Feb 15

Our Gunpowder blend now has improved body, acidity, and sweetness! Whilst still being a fantastic all round people pleaser. After much research and testing, we’ve very proud to give this new and updated blend consisting of Brazil Fazenda Mio and Rwanda Kilimbi Honey.


Brazil Fazenda Mio

Our Brazil Fazenda Mio is without shadow of a doubt a great example of direct trade; buying directly from the producer. From our partner at Mio coffee farm, Ana Pellicer ‘Last year we decided we did not want it to be just a farm anymore, we wanted to export our coffee, importing it into the UK ourselves, store it here and sell it directly to roasteries.’ What makes Mio so unique is they are in charge of all decisions in the supply chain! That's everything from farming, processing, shipping, storage and selling to roasteries.

Mio is committed to taking care of the land they farm on, the employees, and of course the exceptional coffees they produce! Alongside coffee, Mio also grows produce like cabbage, okra, passion fruit, kale and other organic fruits and vegetables. Additionally they home 70 dairy cows.

At Mio, is preserved native forest which is home to a variety of wildlife species, helps prevent soil erosion, and captures CO2. Mio currently has 28% of its farmland dedicated to preserved native forest, above the 20% Monte Santo de Minas region law requirement. Additionally, whenever new coffee areas are planted, the same amount of land is transformed as a forest reserve.

Mio employs around 107 people on the farm during harvest, and Mio goes above and beyond, making sure everyone is paid above the average wage for farm work in the region. Mio is actually the only farm in the region which has real control over workers hours, and compensating accordingly for any overtime. Additionally, all workers receive weekly milk and vegetable allowances, constant healthcare access and free daily commute from the city, alongside a host of other benefits. As Mio grows, so will the pay, benefits and wellbeing of workers. The employees prefer not to be photographed, so out of respect for anonymity, no photos of them are shown here.


Rwanda Kilimbi Honey

We work alongside our supplier Raw Material, who focus on ethical and socially responsible coffee, to bring the Rwanda Kilimbi Honey, which comes from Kilimbi Coffee Washing Station. Raw Material has partnered with the Muraho Trading Company who support co-operatives like Kilimbi Coffee Washing Station. The partnership as a whole works to increase Kilimbi Coffee Washing Station's farming and processing quality, receive a higher price for their coffee, and introduce them to new markets.

This will be an ongoing process as Raw Material identifies, and works to solve, the unique challenges Rwandan coffee producers face.

The elevation of Kilimbi at 1600 - 1650 MASL nurtures ideal growing conditions for exceptional honey processed coffees. This unique honey processing technique gives the Kilimbi honey lot its unique flavor notes, and provides a plesant medium body and juicy citrus acidity.

All of this hard work from both farms comes together to create this bold and exciting cup. We hope you enjoy it as much as Gunpowder Gary!

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