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Remarkable, exciting and some of the very best coffee in the world has just arrived at Cannon Coffee. We are very proud to bring Geisha coffee from Finca El Mirador. Geisha is a one of the rarest and most sought after coffee varieties, given it's low yield and spectacular flavour profile. The inherent sweetness and fruity characteristics of Geisha are unmatched by any other variety, and deliver an exceptional cup full of unique tasting notes.

Floral roses, aniseed, spice, sweet cream butter, green apple, citrus fruit, peach, plum, fruit tropical, kiwi, green grapes are some of the exotic layers of tasting notes to expect within Geisha. The caveat to all of this is Geisha is a challenging variety for coffee farmers to grow. High altitudes are mandatory, and even if there is a good harvest with all factors accounted for, the yield relative to land use is low. Despite this, the exceptional result is worth the effort, and we hope you enjoy some of the best specialty coffee in the world.


The Farm

Victor Gutierrez is the lead producer of Finca El Mirador, and works with his family to produce exceptional lots of specialty coffee. Victor is very passionate about this endeavour, which reflects through his consistency in great batches of coffee. The farm hosts many shades of tress, enriched mountain soils, fresh mountain streams at an altitude of 1850MASL; all of which nurture ideal growing conditions for Geisha coffee to thrive

Finca El Mirador was obtained by the family in 1975, and in the 2010 radically changed to production towards coffee farming, processing and other alternative crops. With regards to sustainability and marketing, Finca El Mirador is recognised by the ASOPEP Planadas, an organisation of coffee farmers who market their own coffee production, and to design their own farm conservation model to guarantee resources to future generations.

In 2015 Finca El Mirador was certified organic, and the first variety of the prized Geisha variety was planted on the farm. The farm is located in an exotic hill bound region within the central Andes, 23 kilometers from the populated center of Planadas at a height of between 1570 to 1750 MASL. The average temperature is 18°C.



To shed light on the greatest flavour characteristics of geisha, the coffee undergoes a double fermentation washed process:

1. Firstly, after the ripe cherries have been harvested, the picked cherries will be mechanically depulped to remove the outer skin and fruit flesh.

2. The depulped seeds still have remaining flesh intact with the seeds, so to be thorough in cleaning this off, coffee is placed in a clean tank of water and, remaining flesh is removed through fermentation. This is done twice to ensure the cleanest seeds.

3. The clean seeds are spread under drying patios under the sun for 21 days for optimal and uniform drying.




To achieve access to the complex layers of flavour Geisha has to offer, we highly recommend brewing with a Hario V60. Our V60 brewing guide is a fantastic template for you to start. To experience such a compelling coffee, the brewing ritual of a V60 matches perfectly. Being as careful to the brewing experience, as Victor is to the farming, does service to what this coffee deserves.


To experience the wonderful flavours of Geisha with more intensity, we recommend brewing on an Espresso Machine, creating a black americano. This creates a cup with a strong fruity and citrus filled impression. Keep the following variables consistent, and you'll taste an exceptional cup:

1.Grind the coffee with a burr grinder, calibrated to espresso level. This will achieve a uniform grind size for optimal extraction.

2. Optimise the water quality. Be sure to use filtered water to give room for the geisha flavour to dominate the cup.

3. Use a coffee grind, to water ratio of 17g:40ml.

Bonus tip: brew for up to 32 seconds to draw out all of the unique characteristics of the geisha.


Whilst the pour over is fantastic for a clean, crisp and pleasant acidic cup, the French Press is great for those who want a more earthy quality, with deeper body, and access to everything the Geisha bean has to offer. This delivers a more full cup, whilst the unique complex tasting notes are still present. Our French Press tutorial is a great place to start for brewing a sweet, full and complex cup of Geisha.

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