• Great coffee with aroma and tasting notes of Chocolate, butter, honey,  hops, black tea, mint. Wondefully complex with a juicy acidity and a well rounded, bold body.


    Organically grown and awaiting certification. 


    Origin: Colombia

    Region: Tolima

    Farm: Las Pulgas

    Altitude: 2070-2175 MASL

    Process: Natural

    Harvest Schedule: May-June-July

    SCA Score: 87.75

    Varietals: F8 Colombia, Caturra, Castillo, Tabi


    Grown at massive altitudes by Ivan Molano Ramirez and his Family. Coffees grown above altitudes of 2000 MASL develop hugely intense and complex flavours shown by the wide variety of flavours this coffee presents.


    This coffee is ideal for the adventurous espresso drinker and the drip coffee connoisseur.



    Colombia Finca Las Pulgas

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