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Timor-Leste Samoro
  • Timor-Leste Samoro



    Full body, pleasant low acidity and a balanced bittersweet aftertaste. Nuanced and exotic notes of orange marmalade and dark chocolate.


    In partnership with exporters Karst Organics, from lead farmer Orlando Soares' Samoro co-operative of 7 farmers , comes a fantastic fully washed lot. Consisting of the varieties Typica, and the nationally exclusive Timor Hybrid this coffee contains a unique taste that's sweet, with the right amount of bitterness to balance the taste. Ideal for those keen on bittersweet qualities in coffee. 


    Samoro sees warmer ambient temperatures because of its more easterly location, which also causes the water used for processing to be warmer. This made it possible for a more concentrated fermentation, which, in our opinion, resulted in a coffee with significantly stronger flavour notes.


    Karst Organic's chief operating officer Kar-Yee, works closely with a variety of smallholders in Timor-Leste providing full traceability, better worker pay and eco-conscious farming practices. The Samoro lot is no exception, and is a fully shade grown coffee, which as it stands is the most eco-friendly way of harvesting coffee in wild areas with little to no damage to the local ecosystem.


    With a long history of coffee production and strong ties to their Animist cultural beliefs, Samoro is genuinely a sacred area of Letefoho. Orlando and the other members of the Samoro group grow their coffee in the shade of the Ai Kakeu (Casurina) and Ai Samtuku (Albizia) trees, as do all coffee growers in Timor-Leste. They frequently work inside their coffee plantations, harvesting and caring for various crops in addition to coffee, which serves as their primary source of nourishment. 

    At Cannon, our efforts go towards paying more to the hardest working people in the coffee industry. The farmers.

    • Coffee details

      Origin: Samoro, Letefoho, East Timor

      Lead Farmer: Orlando Soares

      Farm: Samoro Cooperative (7 farmers)

      Varietals: Typica, Timor Hybrid

      Altitude: 1500 - 1600 masl

      Process: Fully Washed, African bed drying

      SCA score: 85.5

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