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V60 Coffee Starter Pack
  • V60 Coffee Starter Pack

    Gifting to a coffee lover and unsure where to start? This starter pack is the perfect solution!

    Included is a V60 02 dripper, filter papers and four of Cannon's most popular coffees in box. Each pack contains approximately 10 coffee servings per bag, which will give you more than enough time with each to discover your perfect coffee.


    Our taster pack consists of four different flavours to help you find your favourite origin or blend. With four completely different flavour profiles, you can discover a whole new world of coffees.


    *Note coffees included in pack can change depending of availability.


    The usual pack:
    1 x The Gunpowder Blend

    Tasting notes: Intense, smooth and well balanced blend. Flavours of Caramel, coconut and berry afternotes. Low acidity.


    1 x Brazil Fazenda Mio

    Tasting notes: Wonderful flavours of milk Chocolate praline, smooth caramel and sweet tangerine. Smooth bodied, with a perfect balance of body and acidity to leave you with a sweet, pleasant mouthfeel.


    1 x Uganda Mount Elgon

    Tasting notes: Strawberry jam, and light floral notes.


    1 x Armada Blend

    Tasting notes: Chocolate, dried fruits with a medium-full bodied and sweet acidity muting the intensity to provide a clean, flavourful mouth feel.

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