The Team

Chris and Ben have always had a massive love for the coffee industry as a whole. Seeing it develop over the past 10 years, we want to be pioneers in great and honest coffee, and at the forefront of financial transparency back to the farmers!


Chris has been involved in the speciality market for around 8 years and there is not a coffee question yet he has not been able to answer. From running a coffee shop to espresso engineer to head of coffee, he covers pretty much all the industry bases!


Ben's background is in digital marketing, but marketing a product which you can not relate to has always been a challenge for him. Coffee is one of the biggest industries in the world and with new information, brewing methods and techniques and a push towards a more sustainable industry immediately invoked his passion.

With over a decade of coffee industry experience, we ensure that every single roast is quality controlled and you will never receive a coffee that wasn’t roasted on the same day it was ordered.

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