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With over a decade of Coffee experience, we ensure that every single roast is quality controlled and you will never receive a coffee that wasn’t roasted on the same day it was ordered.


We love giving as thorough and transparent details about our coffees as possible. Coffee is a vast landscape of extraordinary flavours and characteristics. So many factors influence the taste of coffee, and Cannon gives extra care at every step of the supply chain so that you can experience the best possible version of a particular coffee.

Cannon Coffee; founded on the virtues of one principle. Transparency. Transparency in quality, ethics, and eco-conscious practices. Coffee is made 3 times. In farming/processing, roasting, and brewing. It’s our mission to perfect every step, and view this industry as a whole, greater than the sum of its parts.


All of our coffees are roasted individually within 24 hours of your order, to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible. Our collection is solely specialty arabica coffees, receiving at least an 82+ score from the SCA (specialty coffee association), and with a keen focus toward traceability and sustainability through direct trade relationships with producers.

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