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With over a decade of Coffee experience, we ensure that every single roast is quality controlled and you will never receive a coffee that wasn’t roasted on the same day it was ordered.


We love giving as thorough and transparent details about our coffees as possible. Coffee is a vast landscape of extraordinary flavours and characteristics. So many factors influence the taste of coffee, and Cannon gives extra care at every step of the supply chain so that you can experience the best possible version of a particular coffee.

Cannon Coffee - we are coffee roasters based on simple authenticity.  We strive to be authentic in everything we do.  Everything we do is sourcing, roasting and selling great coffee.  That's the simple piece of the equation.  The authentic piece is us being honest and transparent with our suppliers, with our coffees and with our customers.  

By authenticity in suppliers we mean that we ask for sustainability, honesty and great quality for a fair price.  We don't chase down cheap coffees and try and flog them as something they are not.  We look for suppliers that care for their coffee plants, that harvest them and process them in a sustainable way and that have a passion for what they do. 

By authenticity in our coffees we mean that we want to encourage the natural taste profiles and flavours in each of them.  All of our coffees are roasted individually within 24 hours of your order, to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible.  We could buy a load of cheap beans - roast them to a crisp - and sell them as our Italian blend.  That wouldn't be fair to the beans, nor to our customers.    If we feel that a Rwandan Carbonic only needs a light roast to enhance its strawberry notes - then that's what we do. 

And to our Customers - authenticity means offering great service, great coffee at a fair price at all times. 

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