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At Cannon Coffee, authenticity is our mantra.  We want to source and package our coffees in as sustainable way as possible.  We want to roast them to enhance and promote their natural aromatics and flavours.  We want to sell them at a price that reflects the cost of production, processing, packaging and delivery. If that isn't authentic - we don't know what is. 

Single Origin coffees offer some very distinctive taste profiles.  From sour to floral to fruity to nutty to chocolatey - different beans, from different locations, roasted differently all combine to taste - different!  Some of the more interesting profiles come from lighter and medium roasts.  Whilst we all love a dark, strong coffee at certain times of the day - or night! - not many coffees respond well to being roasted to an oily residue.  Give them a chance to show their "strawberry-jam-on-toast" notes - or their "blackcurrent-bush-in-the rain" profiles with a lighter, quicker roast.


So, if you're on lookout for some interesting, honest and sometimes eccentric but always authentic coffee - feel free to dive in!

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