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Rwanda Liza Carbonic Maceration
  • Rwanda Liza Carbonic Maceration



    Medium body with strong acidity, balanced sweetness, and a silky, round texture. Strong notes of strawberry juice, red grape, and macadamia.

    Owned by a fourth generation farmer. Jean Paul has passionately nurtured a plantation consisting of over two-thousand trees and perfected the art of production for his region. Since taking over, Jean Paul has built a cupping lab in the pursuit of achieving exceptional coffee. The farmers he works alongside have farms ranging from 1550 - 1900 meters above sea level.


    Carbonic Maceration means the coffee goes through the following process. Upon delivery to the washing station, coffee cherries are floated to wash them as well as remove any defects, since underripe cherries will float to the water surface where they can be taken out. After this, the cherries are placed into sacks, which are then sealed so that no air can get in and left in a cool, shaded spot for 48 hours. Once that time is up, the coffee is spread out in thin layers to dry, then formed into thicker mounds, until fully dry.


    We're working with sourcing partners Omwani to give a fair price with better worker pay, and improving infastructure back to the Liza Washing Station co-operative. Omwani have been buying coffee from Liza washing station since 2017. They are a larger co-operative of 500 members and the majority are small hold farmers.


    • Coffee details

      Region: Giheke

      Farm: 400+ smallholder farms

      Processing Partner: Omwani

      Varietals: Red Bourbon

      Altitude: 1400-1500 masl

      Process: Carbonic Maceration

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