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Uganda Mt. Elgon
  • Uganda Mt. Elgon



    Light body with medium acidity, and an exceptional sweetness. Strong notes of  strawberry jam. 

    Grown on rich volcanic soils on the slopes of Mt. Elgon in Mbale, this Ugandan coffee goes through a washed process to give it the mild but bright, clean taste typically associated with washed African coffees. The varietals Nyasaland, SL14 and SL28 produce an exceptional sweetness lends itself well to the tasting note of strawberry.


    Our Partners at Dream Coffee work on the ground with a group of 200 small holder farmers that work under the Friends of Mother's Initiative (FMI). An initiative that prioritizes hiring women and supporting single mothers in the Mt. Elgon region from revenue generated by the areas main crop. Additionally, women recieve coffee farming training, with production methods certified by organic EU standards. 


    At Cannon, our efforts go towards paying more to the hardest working people in the coffee industry. The farmers. And we're proud to be working with Dream Coffee to achieve this mission. 


    • Coffee details

      Region: Mt. Elgon Region

      Farm: 200+ smallholder farms

      Processing Partner: Dream Coffee

      Varietals: Nyasaland, SL14, SL28

      Altitude: 1700-2200 masl

      Process: Fully Washed

    • Brew Guide

      We recommend the Uganda as a filter coffee through a V60, dripper or SCA accredited filter machine.


      Dry Dose - 13g

      Water - 250ml

      Pour tips for V60:

      1) Pre-wet filter paper in dripper over cup (this also preheats cup)

      2) Empty water out of mug

      3) Place 13g, freshly ground Ugandan Mt Elgon in paper

      4) Pour 80ml wetting all grinds in a circular motion

      5) Wait 1 minute then pour additional 110ml

      6) Wait for all water to pour through grinds and add final 110ml

      7) Enjoy!

    • Coffee calculator

      This calculator is to show you your coffee needs on the basis of how many people are in your house and how many cups they drink a day. Amount of coffee is estimated at 15g which would be an average amount across different brewing methods.

      Monthly Consumption   Cups per day
      *based on 15g cup   1 2 3
      Family members 1 0.42kg 0.84kg 1.26kg
        2 0.84kg 1.68kg 2.52kg
        3 1.26kg 2.52kg 3.78kg
        4 1.68kg 3.36kg 5.04kg
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