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What’s the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker?

Updated: Apr 8

We love the art of pour over coffee, but choosing which pour over coffee maker to buy can be tricky without context. Each pour over has their own pros and cons, and depending on what you love about brewing and drinking coffee, below is our favourites that fit their coffee drinking goals very well.


1. HARIO V60

The Hario V60 speaks for itself as one of the most iconic pour overs, and coffee makers of all time. The beauty of its simplicity, effectiveness and focus on the brewer as the controller of quality, is what positions this pour over as a staple in coffee making. We'd compare the Hario V60 to driving manual, as opposed to automatic on saying a filter coffee machine. Each have their perks. Brewing with a Hario V60 requires strong attention to detail, and a singular focus that brings great joy into the world of coffee brewing. We highly recommend brewing light and medium coffees with the V60, given they highlight acidity, sweetness and exotic fruity notes very well. Please read our V60 origin story and guide for brewing. The history is quite deep!



Another angle and innovation within the coffee industry is the clever dripper, which works on the same principles as the V60 coffee maker, but with a twist. The clever dripper is a pre infusion coffee maker, meaning it brews the coffee first before allow it to drip. Once the clever dripper is positioned on the cup or vessel, the chamber below is released allowing coffee to flow through. The key benefit over the V60 is it's ease of use, and being partly an immersion brewer allows less room for error.



Another iconic pour over coffee maker, the Chemex just oozes vintage style from top to bottom, and arguably one of the best looks for a freshly brewed coffee. This coffee maker works under the same principles as the Hario V60 with some slight alterations given it's size, shape and filter papers, and still delivers excellent cups. The high quality glass used shows a new dimension of colour in the coffee. Expect deep and nuanced reds and oranges. To fully appreciate the visual aspect we highly recommend the Chemex.


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