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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Updated: Jan 19

The heat is on, and we want to kickstart what's going to be a fine sunny warm day with a wonderful cup of coffee. The caveat? Too much heat! The blissfull antidote? Cold brew coffee!

Experiencing coffee this way serves a real summer delight, and enhances much of the coffees flavour into a sweet cool and utterly revitalising pick me up! The former full bodied coffee experience now takes on totally different characteristics.

We've spent the spring mastering a new cold brewing method. Rest assured, the simplicity of this recipe puts any daunting feels at bay, and the reward is so worth it. The method below shows how to make a delicious cold brew in less than 5 minutes using only a V60 Dripper.


What you will need:

  • V60 02 Dripper (any dripper will do)

  • 1L server (can simply be a measuring jug)

  • Ice (cubed)

  • Kettle (always prefer a gooseneck, helps to brew but mainly just looks good!)

  • 600ml water

  • 55g coffee filter ground coffee



  1. Boil the kettle and let it rest off the boil until around 93c

  2. Fill the server with ice cubes

  3. Place V60 over server and fill with 55g of coffee (we use a higher ratio with cold brew since it will dilute with the ice)

  4. Slowly pour 150ml hot water over the grinds in a circular motion to ensure we fully extract all of the coffee

  5. Leave to infuse for around 30-45 seconds

  6. Continue to slowly pour the remaining water over the grinds

  7. Once finished dripping, remove the V60

  8. Serve, share and enjoy!

This method will produce a sweeter cup of cold coffee regardless of coffee. A cheers to the perfect summertine brew!

Cannon’s Cold Brew Choice: Brazil Mio Peaberry


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