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How to Use Clever Dripper

Updated: Mar 13

The Clever Dripper remains a beautiful twist on the Hario V60 pour over. This coffee maker is for those that prefer ease of use, and less room for error, all whilst producing a lovely brew. Function wise, the Clever Dripper is a hybrid of immersion and percolation, meaning ground coffee is immersed in hot water to brew, the final pouring action is percolation.



The clever dripper arrived into the coffee scene in 2009, and brought with it the appearance of a classic pour over coffee maker, but with the perks of infusion brewing. The clever dripper ticks many boxes like being BPA free, durable, light, affordable, and easy to clean. It quickly became a popular brewing method amongst casual and savvy coffee enthusiasts, and remains a staple in household and specialty coffee shops. For a beginner who wants a safe and effective brewing method, the Clever Dripper is a fantastic place to start.



1) Fold the Clever Dripper paper filter on the edge of the seamed lines.

2) Place the filter inside the Clever Dripper, and pour hot water onto all of the filter paper - This heats up the brewer, and removes any unpleasant papery taste. After 1 minute, position the Clever Dripper on top of a cup to remove water.

3) Add 32g of ground coffee, then add 500ml of 90-95°C water.

4) Gently stir the mixture to ensure all the ground coffee is wet.

5) Put on the lid, and leave for 3 minutes.

6) Position the Clever Dripper on top of a cup.

7) The coffee should finished dripping out between 3 and 4 minutes.

8) Enjoy!



Cannon’s Favourite: Uganda Zombo

Roast: Light

Grind: Filter

Origin: Uganda, Africa


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