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Keeping Your Grinder Burrs Clean with Ross Droplet Technique


Getting the right uniform grind with a solid burr grinder is an essential part of the brewing process which sets you up for optimal extraction on your espresso machine. The tricky part is keeping your grinder burrs clean from previous residue including oils and coffee material. This may spill over into the most recent grind, not only affecting taste with old coffee, but the grind size may not be uniform across the board. A new technique addresses this concern.... Let's explore the Ross Droplet Technique! (RDT).



Whilst it may sound highly counterintuitive, the techinque involves spraying a small amount of water on top of the beans before grinding them! Leaving beans exposed to water for a long time speeds up break down, mould and expiry of beans. But just a short time before grinding serves a highly practical purpose for single dose grinds.

Simply use a fine or normal spray bottle and apply one or two sprays over the beans before loading into the grinder. This reduces static and the amount of coffee retention in the grinder burrs. Please keep in mine that some burrs are made from materials that are prone to rust, so check with the manufacturer that its safe for RDT.

Another quick tip that will only improve and keep your coffee grinding more consistent!


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