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New Ugandan Coffee - Mount Elgon

We love exploring the exotic, sweet and fruity coffees often found in Uganda, and with the introduction of our new Uganda Mount Elgon, let's explore what makes this coffee special!



In 1910, Nyassaland was transferred from Malawi to Uganda, where farmers again encountered difficulties with the variety. The widespread planting of Robusta in Uganda followed early failure. Nonetheless, there has been a slight resurgence of Arabica in recent years, particularly on the slopes of Mount Elgon, where Nyasaland (also known as Bugisu locally) is a significant variety for smallholders.

One of the few places in Uganda where coffee is cultivated at high elevation is Mount Elgon. As a result, the coffee beans from this area have a special, distinctive flavour. Due to its abundance in nutrients and minerals, the soil of Mount Elgon is also excellent for growing coffee. Generally speaking, the coffee grown in this region has a fuller, more nuanced flavour.

Nyasaland does however present challenges to farmers such as requiring high altitude to grow, and this variety is susceptible to coffee leaf rust, and coffee berrer borrer. Despite this, the co-operatives and farms remain committed to growing this coffee given it's highly demand and unique sought after characteristics.

Grown on rich volcanic soils on the slopes of Mt. Elgon in Mbale, this Ugandan coffee goes through a washed process to give it the mild but bright, clean taste typically associated with washed African coffees. The varietals Nyasaland, SL14 and SL28 produce an exceptional sweetness lends itself well to the tasting note of strawberry jam.

Our Partners at Dream Coffee work on the ground with a group of 200 small holder farmers that work under the Friends of Mother's Initiative (FMI). An initiative that prioritizes hiring women and supporting single mothers in the Mt. Elgon region from revenue generated by the areas main crop. Additionally, women recieve coffee farming training, with production methods certified by organic EU standards.



The Uganda Mount Elgon really is our flagship light roasted coffee, and we're proud to offer a coffee with such care and attention to growing, harvesting and processing to reveal some exceptional flavour characteristics. We highly recommend brewing this as a pour over coffee!

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