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A morning cup of coffee is an essential part of practically everyone’s daily routine. I mean, who can function without that all important caffeine hit to kick-start your day?

But as we really start getting into the swing of summer, that once lifesaving cup of human defroster now takes on a different role, which is to simply keep us going throughout the sweaty days. And now we don’t need defrosting as soon as the weather starts to hit those mid-twenties and above.

So how do we still enjoy this delicious beverage and stay refreshed at the same time?

The answer is Cold Brew!

Cold brew completely transforms a coffee into a sweet, cool and utterly revitalising pick-me-up! Those coffees we once relied on to provide a hard hitting, full bodied coffee experience now take on totally different characteristics.

However, we have spent the winter mastering our favourite methods to create a perfect brew, so the concept of having to learn a totally different style of coffee brewing can seem daunting.

Well this is why we have tried to make this a simple process that almost anyone can do without hours of struggle.

The method below shows how to make a delicious cold brew in less than 5 minutes using only a V60 Dripper.

What you will need:

  • V60 02 Dripper (any dripper will do)

  • 1L server (can simply be a measuring jug)

  • Ice (cubed)

  • Kettle (always prefer a gooseneck, helps to brew but mainly just looks good!)

  • 600ml water

  • 55g coffee filter ground coffee


  1. Boil the kettle and let it rest off the boil until around 93c

  2. Fill the server with ice cubes

  3. Place V60 over server and fill with 55g of coffee (we use a higher ratio with cold brew since it will dilute with the ice)

  4. Slowly pour 150ml hot water over the grinds in a circular motion to ensure we fully extract all of the coffee

  5. Leave to infuse for around 30-45 seconds

  6. Continue to slowly pour the remaining water over the grinds

  7. Once finished dripping, remove the V60

  8. Serve, share and enjoy!

This method will produce a sweeter cup of cold coffee regardless of the choice of coffee.

Our two favourites are mood dependent:

Cannon’s Bold Choice: Papua New Guinea Kunjin

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