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Sage Bambino Plus Cleaning and Descaling Guide

Updated: Jan 19

The Sage Bambino and Bambino Plus are an excellent entry level espresso and milk frothing coffee machine. Like any coffee machine, it requires as cleaning cycle. Rest assured, Sage's philosophy of practicality and simplicity carries over into a very straight forward cleaning cycle, keeping your machine future proof and effective for many years to come. For this guide, we'll be focus on the Sage Bambino Plus model.




1. Once 200 extractions have been done, a cleaning cycling is required. The machine detects this, and shows 1 cup and 2 cup buttons alternately flashing.

2. Insert cleaning disc into the portafilter.

3. Place a cleaning tablet on top of the disc.

4. Lock the portafilter into the group head.

5. Remove, and empty the drip tray, and put back into the machine.

6. Place a container around 2L in volume underneath the portafilter and steam wand.

7. Remove the water tank, fill it with water to the MAX line, and reattach it to the machine.

8. Press and hold both 1 and 2 cup buttons for 5 seconds. This activates the cleaning cycle mode.

9. Once both buttons are illuminated, press either the 1 or 2 cup button to begin the cleaning cycle. Once the cycle is in progress, the lights will alternatively flash.

10. The machine will go back to ready mode once the cycle is complete.

11. Remove and clean the portafilter, cleaning disc, drip tray and container.


With continuous use, hard water can cause mineral build up inside the components of the machine. This can negatively effect functions like brewing flow and temperature, and can lead to a poor tasting espresso.

1. Once descaling is required, the machine will indicate this by the 1 cup, 2 cup and steam button flashing alternatively for 15 seconds. Pressing any of these buttons will cancel the indication.

2. Fill the water tank up to the DESCALE line. Add the descaling agent into the water.

3. Place a container around 2L in volume underneath the portafilter and steam wand.

4. Turn off the machine by simultaneously pressing the 1 cup and steam buttons. Give the machine time to completely cool before descaling.

5. Press the 1 cup and steam buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. This will activate descale mode.

6. The 1 cup and steam buttons will light up. The machine is ready to start descaling.

7. Press the 1 cup or steam button to start the descale cycle. Both buttons flash whilst the cycle is occurring.

8. After the descale solution is used up, the cycle will pause. Take out the water tank, and refill it to the MAX line, also empty the waste container. Put both parts back into the machine.

9. The 1 cup and steam buttons will illuminate once the machine is ready. Press 1 cup or steam button to continue the cycle.

10. Once descaling is finished, the 1 cup and steam button will alternately flash. Following this, the machine will go into standby mode.

11. Remove and rinse the waste water container. Remove, rinse, and dry the drip try and water tank before re-inserting them back into the machine.

Note: It is worth frequently flushing the group head and cleaning with damp cloth. To do this, simply press the two shot button to flush through with fresh water. After this clean inside with brush and damp cloth.



If any of the holes in the steam wand become blocked, it can reduce steam performance. Manually purge the steam to attempt to clear any holes. If the blockages and reduced steam performance persist, follow the steps below

1. Unscrew the steam wand tip with the steam tip cleaning tool.

2. Use the steam tip cleaning tool to unblock the holes in the steam wand.

3. Rinse clean the steam wand tip, dry, and screw back into the whole wand.

4. Turn on and purge the steam wand.

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