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What Is a Speciality Coffee Cafe?

Updated: Jan 19

For many individuals, coffee is frequently the highlight of the day, and speciality coffee shops are fantastic places to grab a nice cup of coffee. More speciality coffee cafes are opening up to accommodate the demand as coffee's popularity continues to soar. So how can you choose which possibilities are worthwhile when there are so many? The top 5 indicators of a quality speciality coffee shop are as follows...


1. Quality Coffee

The quality of the coffee that is served is the first telltale indicator of a reputable speciality coffee shop. Search for coffee shops that serve freshly roasted, freshly ground, high-quality beans. By doing this, you can be sure that your coffee will taste its best. Moreover, verify if the coffee shop offers a selection of brewing alternatives, such as pour-over, cold brew, espresso, and others.

Additionally, expect single origin coffees with more traceable details. Not just the country, but also the region and farm, and maybe some names to put to the coffee grown which you are drinking. You will have the opportunity to sample various flavour profiles and coffees from around the world as a result.


2. Attention to Detail

Look for cafes that take the time to ensure each cup of coffee is brewed perfectly. A good specialty coffee cafe will pay attention to the details, making sure each cup of coffee is consistent and delicious. Look for cafes that use specialist equipment like precision scales to weigh out each dose of coffee grounds and have a strict protocol for how they grind, dose, and brew each cup.

Whilst it may seem pedantic, coffee is actually made 3 times. When it's grown, roasted and brewed, so this final step is extra important to preserve all the hard work that's gone into the coffee up until that point!


3. Knowledgeable Staff

A good specialty coffee cafe will have knowledgeable staff who can answer questions you may have about the coffee they serve. They should understand the origins of the beans, the brewing process, and the flavor notes of the coffee. Additionally, they should be able to make recommendations based on your preferences.

Usually they will have beans from specialty roasters for sale in shop, and you can have a chat about the beans, not just details from the farm but also a basic level of what coffee roasters do to preserve the unique flavours.


4. Inviting Atmosphere:

A good specialty coffee cafe will have an inviting atmosphere that makes you want to stay and linger. Look for cafes with comfortable seating, natural light, and maybe even some board games or books. Usually cafes with focus on specialty coffee have hessian/jute coffee sacks from origin, and maybe an impressive display of fun brewing equipment like the syphon. Overall the atmosphere should encourage conversation, relaxation and some curiosity on the coffee your drinking.


5. Specialist Equipment:

Finally, a good specialty coffee cafe should be committed to using proper barista tools to get the best out of freshly roasted coffee. Look for cafes that have espresso machine brans like La Marzocco, La Spazialle, Victoria Anduino and grinders like Mahlkonig and Eureka. These brands have their place for not only keeping up in a fast paces environment, but giving baristas the necessary tools in their arsenal to repeatably produce stunning coffee.



These are the top 5 signs of a good specialty coffee cafe. Look for cafes that have quality coffee, pay attention to detail, have knowledgeable staff, a great atmosphere, and specialist equipment. Now more than ever we have a booming cafe scene that does all of these and so much more. With all of these elements in place, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.


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