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What Is Espresso Brewing?

Updated: Jan 19

Espresso machines are one of the most sophisticated and intricate ways of brewing coffee. Other brewing methods like percolation and immersion, yield less intense and strong coffee. What makes espresso unique is the principle of pressure brewing. Pressure brewing is very hot water being pressurized through ground coffee. Another way to described this principle is espresso.



Angelo Moriondo pioneered the first espresso machine design in 1884; the first of its kind to push pressurized hot water into ground coffee. The design was not commercialised until Luigi Bezzerra and Desiderio Pavoni patented the machine with improvements in 1901. A truly revolutionary brewing method which could brew over 900 cups of coffee an hour! The result was the first form of espresso which could be brewed in a matter of seconds.

The decades that followed saw a rise of commercial and domestic espresso coffee machines, and revolutionised coffee shops to brew a variety of coffee drinks using milk. In fact, the espresso machine is very much the staple coffee shops, and continues to improve in impressive design features that improve espresso quality, ease of use, and long lasting build quality.



Our Gunpowder Blend has been tested time and time again to reach the perfect espresso. Coffee is made 3 times. When its grown/processed, roasted and brewed. Our Brazil Fazenda Mio and Uganda Zombo have extra care taken at every step, ensuring the Gunpowder Blend delivers an outstanding espresso. We recommend the following recipe on a domestic and commercial espresso machine to enjoy labour of love from every step of the supply chain:

➡️ 19g of espresso ground Gunpowder Blend

➡️ Brew for 26-30s

➡️ Result should be 50ml of double espresso


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