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Pezzetti Italexpress Aluminium Moka Pot - 6 Cup Black
  • Pezzetti Italexpress Aluminium Moka Pot - 6 Cup Black

    High quality Moka Pots for crafting traditional Italian espresso. Eight sided shape diffuses heat evenly to enhance the aroma and taste of the coffee. To clean just rinse in hot soapy water, with the right care this durable unit will keep making rich, authentic espresso for years after purchase.


    Not sure where to start? Check out our Moka Pot Guide. 


    Product features

    • Brand: Pezzetti
    • Range: Italexpress
    • Material: aluminium
    • Size: 6-cup
    • Brew time: 4-5 minutes
    • Colour: black
    • Use on: gas or electric hobs
    • Shape: eight sided
    • Country of origin: Italy
    • Also available: 3-cup
    • How To Use A Moka Pot

      1. Fill the base of the Moka Pot with hot water, all the way to the top mark.


      2. Grind 20-24 grams of fine grind coffee for a 6 cup Moka pot. Or depending on the size, enough to fill the funnel.


      3. Fill the funnel with ground coffee up to the top, level the grounds, and do not tamp the coffee down.


      4. Place the funnel inside the base of the Moka pot.


      5. Use a cloth to hold the base (it's hot!), and screw in the remaining top section.


      6. On the gas stove top, turn the heat on to a medium setting.


      7. Once you hear the water boiling in the lower section, reduce the heat level.


      8. The goal is for coffee the smoothly ooze out the funnel, so controlling the heat is intuitive. Keep adjusting heat gradually so coffee comes out smoothly.


      9. You may hear spitting from the bottom chamber which is normal.


      10. Once you hear hissing, and the top chamber is roughly 80% coffee up to the spout, immediately move the Moka pot off the stove, and pour into a cup.


      11. Wait a short while before drinking as the coffee will be very hot!


      12. Enjoy!

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