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Timemore French Press U Black 0.45L
  • Timemore French Press U Black 0.45L

    A sleek, stylish french press from Timemore, available in both black and white and with a unique look. Looks great on any kitchen surfaceand can be used to brew either tea or coffee.


    Not sure where to start? Check out our Cafetiere recipe!


    Product features

    • Brand: Timemore
    • Body material: borosilicate glass
    • Plunger & filter material: high-density stainless steel with food safe silicone
    • Colour: black
    • Size: 3-cups
    • Capacity: 450ml
    • Dimensions: H: 180mm x W: 85mm x D: 85mm
    • Temperature resistant from -30° to 200°C
    • Also available: white
    • How To Use Cafetiere

      Use a ratio of 75g coffee to 1l water.

      1. Make sure your cafetiere is clean (as you use the press old coffee grounds may get stuck in the filter. For deep cleaning you can often separate the pieces of the mesh)

      2. Put the ground coffee inside the cafetière, and position on top of scales.

      3. Pour the hot water inside the cafetiere, and try getting all of the coffee wet.

      4. Leave the coffee to steep for 3 minutes.

      5. After 3 minutes, a crust layer of coffee grounds will have formed at the top. Using a spoon, stir through the crust which will cause almost all of the coffee to fall to the bottom.

      6. Using the spoon, discard any floating grounds and foam still remaining at the top.

      7. Wait another 4 minutes.

      8. Place the plunger at the top of the beaker, BUT do not plunge!

      9. Pour the coffee slowly through the mesh, and let it pour until a small amount of liquid and coffee grounds remain in the cafetière.

      10. Enjoy a very little silt cup of coffee!

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