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Stuff for Brewing & Grinding

All the essentials for preparing and brewing coffee, we offer a variety of coffee related products to make your coffee journey more practical, cost effective, and convenient. Everything from Aeropress, Pour Over, Moka Pot, Cafetières, and Grinders to get you ready to throw any coffee at it! We also have brewing guides for Pour Over, Moka Pot, Cafetiere and Aeropress.

OK - so you're starting to get into this coffee scene?  You're going to need some kit.  The simplest way to enjoy great coffee is to use a dripper (the Hario V60 is about the only one you'll need in our opinion).  Don't forget to order extra filters - a dripper without filters is like a toaster without a plug.  We also have cafetieres and Aeropress and Stovetops ... and if you're getting really serious you'll want your own grinder.  Order the roasted beans and grind that super fresh coffee yourself!  Nothing like the smell of fresh roasted coffee in your own kitchen!  Fill yer boots!  Or not ... and if there is something you're looking for and it's not here - let us know.  We have people ....