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How To Use Chemex

Updated: Jan 19

Arguably the most visually pleasing and aesthetic pour over coffee maker. The Chemex. This domestic coffee maker has positioned itself as one of the the most recognisable and iconic coffee makers, going so far as to appear in many aspects of pop culture like TV shows and movies. The Chemex works under the same principle as most pour over coffee maker, with the added bonus of a focus on visuals. From top to bottom the Chemex just oozes vintage style, and makes coffee brewing as much a visual experience, as it is a tasting one.



The Chemex coffee maker was inveted by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941, and manufactured by the Chemex Corporation in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Peter, an eccentric inventor, was dissatisfied with traditional brewing methods of the 1930s and sought to design a coffee maker thats both practical, and a joy to use. Whilst glass production was initially challenged in 1942 by the war efforts, Peter managed to get the A-5 priority rating; a pass that allowed the Chemex to be ranked as a priority useful wartime object.

Finished with a signature style of the hourglass, and a wooden collar makes for a beautiful addition to the coffee enthusiasts collection. Over the decades, the Chemex has received awards from well respected scientific, design and artistic institutions, and continues to be praised by coffee enthusiasts alike.



1) Place the Chemex filter paper into the Chemex.

2) Pour hot water onto the filter paper - this will pre-heat the Chemex and remove the unpleasant papery taste.

3) Without removing the wet filter, empty the water.

4) Put 33g of filter ground coffee into the filter.

5) Boil 500ml of water to between 90-95°C.

6) Pour 80ml of water in circles ensuring all grinds are wet.

7) Allow blooming to occur for around 1 minute, avoiding it drying out.

8) In a slow consistent circular motion pour in the remaining 420ml of water and allow it to filter through.

9) Once the bed of coffee is dry, remove and discard the filter paper.

10) Enjoy!

Remember the art of coffee brewing is all about experimenting so once you find the coffee, grind and water to coffee ratios that are perfect for you, don’t forget to write it down!



Cannon’s Favourite: Armada Blend

Roast: Medium

Grind: Filter

Origin: African, South American, Indonesia

Tasting notes: Chocolate, dried fruits with a medium-full bodied and sweet acidity muting the intensity to provide a clean, flavourful mouth feel


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