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New year, new club, new coffees...

So, what's in store for Cannon Coffee in 2024?

For starters - we believe (and we shall die on this particular hill) that most, or dare we say -  the majority of - people, drink "coffee" that quite frankly shouldn’t be called coffee.  What's more - those same people pay far too much for it.  It has been and will continue to be our life's work that people should be able to drink great quality coffee at an affordable price and not feel the need to dilute it with a gallon of frothy milk nor destroy the complex tasting profiles by adding 3 shots of super-sweet, artificially flavoured syrup - and furthermore - not be charged the equivalent of a half decent bottle of wine for it.  (we continue to be amazed at the people who will hand over the thick end of 8 pounds for a "triple shot gingerbread latte")



At Cannon we want people to drink good coffee.  We want people to appreciate it for what it is.  We want people to recognise that good coffee has complexity and nuance and subtlety.  We want people to know a good coffee when they taste it and smell it.  And we want them to know bad coffee when they see it.  In other words we want coffee to be regarded in the same way as wine.  Coffee has many similarities to wine.  There are different varietals of grapes and beans.  Each bringing something different to the taste profile.  There are different regions, climates, soils, altitudes that add, and subtract, from the taste.  There are different production methods and profiles that contribute to the end result. And a good barista has the same level of knowledge that a sommelier has when it comes to plotting a way through this complexity.


Put it this way - if you don’t like your Sauvignon Blanc you don’t chuck a teaspoon of sugar in it to make it drinkable?  Why do it with coffee?


So, whilst we continue to blend and roast our signature Gunpowder, as well as Captain's and Armada blends we're soon introducing some "eccentricity" into our offerings.  You will all be aware that southern England is now rivalling areas of France in being able to grow wine grapes.  The climate now means that the summers are hot enough, the autumns mellow enough to create conditions ideal for producing wine.  We're not suggesting this is a good thing. However, it is a fact.  In a similar vein - climate change allows for coffee beans to be grown in areas that are not renowned for their coffee.  We all know about Brazil and Columbia.  Many of us will know that East Africa and certain areas of South East Asia are also traditional areas for coffee trees.  But who knew that China is producing coffee?  And top marks if you already knew about  Myanmar.  We've already tasted some of these new beans - and we've been surprised about how good it can be.  



So, coming soon - we're going to start offering a monthly "taster" through our Cannon Coffee Club (placeholder name).  You'll be able to get a taste (and aroma) of some of the more eccentric coffees out there.  You won't like all of them we can promise - but you'll love some of them.


So there you have it.  You'll hear more from us in 2024.   We'll be introducing a coffee club through which you'll be invited to try some interesting, eccentric coffees.  We will ensure that they will be authentic, sustainable and roasted to a very high quality - just like all our other coffees.

In fact, we just launched a new eccentric new coffee for you all to try right now!

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