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Updated: Feb 23

V60 Brewing
V60 Brewing

Introducing the V60 dripper

The V60 Dripper was designed by the Japanese company Hario. It was founded in Tokyo in 1921, with a focus on producing and selling environmentally friendly glass products, utilising 100% natural minerals. The rise of coffee culture in Japan saw them create their first coffee product, a filter coffee syphon, in 1949. The V60 is a relatively new concept and design only hitting the market around 15 years ago.

The name stems from ‘vector 60’ due to the 60º angle of the cone, and it can now be purchased in ceramic, glass, plastic and even metal. The V60 enables you to brew speciality roasted coffee in your home with ease, producing lovely sediment-free coffee. The process is extremely straight forward, and due to a design focus on heat retention, this enhances the brewing extraction process, which has led to it becoming the brewing method choice of many speciality coffee drinkers in the UK and the world. You can find a full step-by-step guide towards the bottom of this page, and a history of pour over brewing here!

Mt. Kumotori, Tokyo, Japan
Mt. Kumotori, Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Coffee Culture

Coffee has always been perceived as a ‘western’ commodity and was in fact banned during World War II due to this reason. Post-war in an attempt for Japan to modernise its society, especially in Tokyo, the import of western goods was a sign of the new Japanese middle class which finally saw the ban on coffee products lifted in the 1960s. At this time coffee was generally consumed by the upper class as a luxury product, but as the economy started to bounce back it became increasingly affordable. The import of instant coffee into Japan exponentially increased the outreach of coffee culture into society with convenience at the hearts of many people in busy Tokyo. There has also been a cultural shift in the traditional tea culture with many pop-up stores appearing all over the country. You will even find single drip-coffee packs at hotels, and in stores, which are essentially a much fresher, higher quality pre-packed coffee bag.

As in many countries across the world big name coffee brands are popular in Japan but there has been an exceptional growth of independent coffee stores, with innovative brewing and roasting techniques all over the country. There is no doubt that behind these independents are owners with a love and passion for coffee which has subsequently influenced the birth of the V60.

How to brew using the V60 dripper

What you will need:

Ø V60 dripper

Ø Filter Paper

Ø Cup or Coffee Pot

Ø 15g Fresh roast speciality coffee (Filter ground)

Ø 300ml(g) of boiling water.

V60 02 Clear Dripper
The Classic V60 02 Clear Dripper


1. Place your V60 dripper over your cup.

2. Fold the edge of your filter paper, open and place in the V60 dripper.

3. Boil your kettle and pour the water over the filter paper.

*Tip: This will wash the filter paper, removing any ‘paper tastes’ that could be transferred to the coffee as well as pre heating your cup or coffee pot.

4. Grind 15g of our incredible speciality coffee to a medium fine grind.

*Tip: You may need to adjust this to your preference. If the coffee is coming through to weak then make the grind finer. If the coffee is dripping through to slowly you will need to make the grind courser.

5. Boil the water to 93 Degrees Celsius.

*Tip: If your kettle is not temperature control, open the lid when boiling and when you just start to see it bubbling this is roughly 93 Degrees.

6. Place your V60 and cup on the scales add your 15g of coffee into the filter paper and then zero the scales.

7. Pour 80g of water in circles ensuring all grinds are wet.

8. Stir gently, start your timer and leave for 1 minute to bloom.

9. In a slow consistent circular motion pour in the remaining 170g of water and allow it to filter through.

10. Remember the art of coffee brewing is all about experimenting so once you find the coffee, grind and water ratio’s that are perfect for you don’t forget to write it down!


The ‘pour over’ method in the V60 enables all the large sediment particles to be separated, this will result in an easier drinking, cleaner and overall sweeter coffee.

If you have never used a V60 before, or are wanting to sample our Single Origin or Blend Coffees, with it why not chose a V60 starter pack with Cannon's flagship coffees to easily brew and find your favourite!

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